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Academia Serpentis

The Academia Serpentis is the first step that each member of our Order has to take in order to become a samaelite Hiereús. In order to graduate from this Academia, the student is required to obtain 33 credits, 22 of which from the curricular teachings and 11 from the extra curricular seminars.

Consult the list of the active courses and choose your curriculum:


11 Credits

The Serpent: theoretical premises for Samaelism

The course focuses on the concept of serpentiformity in the ancient world and in particular on Hesiod's classical literature. The theoretical premises provided are useful for having an iconographic vision of Samaelism as a cult based on the symbol of the Serpent.

8 Credits

Philosophy of the Dionysian and the Apollonian in Samaelism

The course, starting from the foundations of Greek philosophy, aims to provide the knowledge necessary to understand the foundations of F. Nietzsche's aesthetic and theoretical thought and its influences on Samaelite iconography.


11 Credits

Speculative Cabala and Samaelite Metaphysics

From the analysis of medieval kabbalistic thought to contemporary qliphotic theories, the course provides a complete overview of the subject and its fundamental axioms to arrive at an understanding of the Samaelite spherical system.

8 Credits

Monotheistic studies in ethics and society

What are the innovations of monotheism in the history of religions? Starting from the concept of Mosaic distinction, the course analyzes the ethical and social differences between this vision of religiosity and the previous polytheism.


8 Credits

Farmakeia: the art of manipulating the Farmacon

The course is based on the analysis of the theoretical and practical premises of the Farmakeia, the Samaelite initiatory practice which intervenes and modifies the Farmacon to allow the initiate to rediscover the harmony between microcosm and macrocosm.

Extra-Curricular / 11 Credits

Samaelite Liturgy and Legislation

Learn how our Order is structured and regulated. Acquire a perfect knowledge of your rights within our organization, of its democratic system and of the numerous elective titles at which you can aspire. 

Learn how to celebrate the Samaelite Liturgy called Ierà and master its symbolism.

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