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Our Order is open to everyone.


In order to submit your application for membership in the Ordo Adamantis Atri, you are asked to fullfill the contact form below, attaching a short motivational letter to the request in order to expose your desire to join our Institution.

We do not accept applications from people whose age is less than eighteen (18) years.

The Order reserves the right to reject unsuitable applications according to our standards. 

The postulant is only required to have a strong desire to learn and to pass on to others what he has learned; desire to help the other, the different, the marginalized; desire to dedicate his/her life to the understanding of the Principle of the Universe.

The canonic members of the Ordo Adamantis Atri firmly believe in respect for the laws of the States: any undue conduct as well as any criminal ideal will be reported to the police if they emerge within our Institution.

Except for the criminal visions mentioned above which are strongly rejected and denounced by our Order, any other personal opinion, provided that it does not constitute a factor of discrimination or marginalization of any social category,  is accepted by our Establishment solely as such.

The personal opinions of the canonic members of our Order do not constitute the collegial opinion of the Institution.

The Ordo Adamantis Atri is, for the reasons expressed above, an a-political religious Institution.

Each postulant is invited to consult the appropriate underlying section to verify which of the proposals of the Order is more suited to their needs . 

Only in the case of a canonic path, the candidate will be asked to dedicate their first eleven months to the novitiate, a period of time that will help them understand if Samaelism, lived as a canonic member of our Institution, is really the right path for them.

The application is free. However, after the novitiate, you will be asked to support the Order's activities with an annual fee that changes with your status in the Institution.

Each fee includes: full unlimited access to the Academias courses, full unlimited access to seminars and events organized by the Order, full access to the digital services of our Order (online calendar, zoom, personal page for the Academia and online archive). 

All the working members (teachers, writers, professional scholars, editorial staff of the ENDECAGRAMMATON, members of the Council of Elevens etc. are exempted from the payment of the annual fee for the duration of their contribution in the Order's activities.


Lay Members: 75€/year

Canonic Members and Aedi: 50€/year

The payment is currently required only for the members from Europe.



The canonic path is the main one of our Order. 

The Hiereús is to all intents and purposes a Minister of the Ordo Adamantis Atri, having dedicated his life to the liturgy and to the study of subjects such as epistemology, philosophy, theosophy and ancient languages. 

The journey of a canonic member starts with eleven (11) months of novitiate, after which they will attend the Academia Serpentis and its courses. After the graduation, the canonic member becomes a Hiereús, which is considered to be the fundamental canonic rank in our Order and in the whole samaelite community. Each Hiereús can decide, if they want to reach other ranks, to attend the Academia Adamantis and therefore to become an Exegetes. Each Exegetes is responsible of eleven (11) Hiereús and therefore has a bigger responsibility within the organization of academic and charity events.

It is among the Exegetes that the Geminus are nominated for their merits in the academic and social ventures of the Order. Geminus are responsible for the Order activities even more than an Exegetes and therefore are the highest rank of our Order. 

Each rank is open to all genders, without any social, sexual or racial discrimination.

Cost: 50€/year


The laity is the form of affiliation addressed to all those who have no interest in dedicating their life to Samaelism, but who share with the Order an interest in academic research and social initiatives. Being a lay member of the Order means being involved in the development of a certain sector, including marketing, sales, graphics, academic life or much more . 

Lay members, in some cases, can also contribute to administration by holding representative or internal management roles. 

Lay members do not have a hierarchy within the Order: they are just partners in all those activities organized and developed by our Institution.

Cost: 75€/year
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The Congregation of the Aedi has been founded as a safe place for all those samaelites who aspire to dedicate their lives to meditation and charity, rather than to academic life and event. The path of an Aedo does not include an education in our Academia, even if they can freely attend all the courses, but is focused more on the social activities aimed to help those in need, humans and non-humans both, without any distinction of ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.

Cost: 50€/year

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