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Our religion is based on the idea that before the infinity of God, all men are equal. 

That is why a consistent part of our work is in education and charity.




Samaelism is configured as a strongly rational religion, which is founded on the practice of philosophical reasoning, logical thought and rational meditation.

The gaze that Samaelism turns to the world is therefore not full of pride, but full of amazement: since it is through amazement that the premises for knowledge are created.

Samaelism is therefore the religion of amazement, but also of abandonment. The typically samaelite apophatic method is applied rigorously outside the academic researches and brings with it a desire and a craving for what we lack: to apply silentium and contemplation means to look at what you don't have and wanting it with all your own being. 

In this sense there is no other foundation for faith that this lack, no other meaning that this desire for fullness. 

It is precisely by virtue of this deep yearning for fullness and union with the Deity that the samaelite lives every day of his life: both the lay and the Hiereús of our Order know that it is only through the sense of proportion and through contemplation derived from the inner peace provided by prayer, study and reflection that it is possible to rejoin the divine essence. 

But looking at the Nothing as the horizon of existence, the Samaelite also knows that it is not appropriate to make any discrimination: taking the infinite omnipotence of the God as a term of comparison of the human, all those useless differences that for millennia have constituted a factor of social disintegration and racial segregation fall apart.

There are no blacks or whites, heterosexuals or homosexuals, there are no strong and weak sexes or gender issues: we are all equal before the Nothingness. 

This is why anyone can be a Samaelite.

One can also be a Samaelite outside our Order and our organizations. One can be a Samaelite in the  privacy of one's interiority and spirituality, regardless of the liturgies and formalities.

Samaelism is an inner spark that exists apart from all these things. 

On the other hand, the liturgy still has a fundamental role for  all those samaelites who see in it the embodiment of the mysteries of the Universe. The liturgy taught in our Order is, perhaps, above all else precisely this: a symbol of all those mysteries that the Hiereús is called to investigate.



The Samaelite ethic has its roots in the deepest concept of equality. While realizing, in fact, the intrinsic impossibility of recognizing a universal equality at the ontological level in creation, we firmly believe that equality must be practical towards the law and the States, all those organisms, in short, that with the ontology have nothing to do.

This is why we like to think of ourselves as "humanists":  we think that this tiny, but yet powerful, divine spark present in our Spirit may find manifestation in ways other than those we consider the "norm".

Not Christian charity, but the need to make people understand that every spark of Creation, every person, every manifestation of the divine is perfect and that there is no need to discriminate for any reason.​

This is why Samaelism refuses every form of violence, both psychological and physical and reports every illicit behavior by each of its members to the local authorities. 

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