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"Endecagrammaton" is an international magazine, published in English, born from an idea of our Order whose aim is to incentivate the inter-religious dialogue and tolerance through an honest, academic and clear discussion on several spiritual themes. 

The first edition of our magazine was online and free. It was only during the Sitra Ahra Convention, organized in 2022 with the collaboration of Hekate Edizioni, that our Order was able to present to the public a paper version of the magazine, with articles from the most important representatives of the new spiritualities worldwide. Since then our authors are the best of the best: we work on a daily basis to guarantee the best experience possible for all our readers worldwide. 

It is our conviction that new spiritual movements are systemically ignored on a social basis because they tend to lack of the theoretical speculation necessary to evolve into a structured and serious movement: this is why Endecagrammaton is not only the voice of our Institution in the chaotic editorial landscape of the XXI century, but it is also a home for all those thinkers and authors that are systemically ignored by the mass production of books and blogs. 

This magazine embodies, for the administration of our Order, a social effort aimed to share not only knowledge, but comprehension and wisdom. This magazine is, shortly, a calling to tolerance. 

Once again, our Order is in front line in the battle against ignorance and for equality in knowledge.

Starting from 2024 the Endecagrammaton has been renewed with a new edition, including articles in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian. In this way, we believe, more readers will be able to approach our magazine and to discover the beauty of esoteric knowledge.

*Our journal is non periodical and is published once a year, providing a deep analysis of one subject on each issue.

The magazine is published worldwide on

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