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Academia Adamantis

The Academia Adamantis is not mandatory, but allows all those who have reached the title of Hiereús, to become Exegetes. The Academia Adamantis is not open to the public and there, its courses can be attended only to canonic or lay members of our Order.


11 Credits

Greek Thought in Samaelism

The course provides an effective overview of the main theoretical concepts of the classical world that influenced Samaelism as a contemporary religion. Immerse yourself into the philosophical ideas of Heraclitus, Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle and all those thinkers that, with their works, have influenced not only Samaelism, but the whole history of mankind.

8 Credits

Freedom and society in the Samaelite theories

Is there free will? Is man really free to make his own choices? The course analyzes the concept of freedom and intersects it with Samaelite religiosity in a contemporary vision. The main purpose of the course is to understand if the idea of free will is in contrast with the concept of God's omnipotence and how Samaelism can solve this apparent contradiction.


11 Credits

Anthropology of ritual: introduction to the liturgy

The course, starting from the anthropological notion of ritual, aims to provide awareness of liturgical practice and its development in the history of humanity, from the classical world to Samaelism. Specifically, the course will try to define the concept of ritual, by analyzing this idea in several cultures and confronting them with the liturgy itself.

8 Credits

The art of getting right: rhetoric and dialectic

Knowing how to argue one's opinions is the foundation for winning any discussion. Starting from the homonymous text by A. Schopenhauer, the course offers an overview of the ancient art of rhetoric and dialectic, giving the student all the necessary tools to build a logical and faultless demonstration. 


8 Credits

Pre-Christian European culture and religions

What was Europe like before the advent of Christianity? The course provides the tools to understand the main social and religious changes that occurred in the transition from paganism to Christianity, specifically about the theoretical system of thought in monotheism and polytheism. 

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