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Our Order has started a free series of events, during each 11th day of each month, including a free lecture open to the general public. 

This venture, named #dayoftheorder, is aimed to share the knowledge and the activities promoted by our Academias to the external public and not only to our members, in a free and unselfish way. 

Here you can see the next #dayoftheorder activity scheduled for this month and submit by fulfilling the form below.

Submission is free and is required to receive an email with the zoom link to the lecture.

It is mandatory to fulfill the form for each month's lecture, or you will not receive the updated email with the proper link. 

JUNE 2024

With this lecture we are going to deepen the role of Polemos archetype in Samaelism, as the main reason of our theorization of Creation as an ongoing system, subjected to everlasting change and evolution. 

More deeply, the lecture shows the reasoning behind this theorization and highlights its links with the other samaelite archetypes, such as Neikos and Philia, in the wake of Heraclitus' philosophy and fragments, arriving in the end to the centrality of Polemos in the samaelite chivalry and ethic. 

The lecture will be broadcasted freely on our Facebook page.


Submit now to attend our liturgy

Fulfill the form below to receive the link to attend the public liturgy celebrated before each lecture at 7.30PM!

Thanks for submitting!

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