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libri usati


Our Order has several publications attesting its theoretical and philosophical believes. 

Even though they're all in italian, we are working on an English and Spanish version for all our brothers and sisters abroad.

The reasons of our books

There are several reasons behind our publications.

Discover with us how to approach our corpus librorum


Pars Destruens

The pars destruens of our publications is undoubtedly contained within the Exalogy of the Serpent, which main aim is to highlight the theoretical weaknesses of the main alternatives spiritualities, especially in contemporary satanism.

IMG_5153 2.HEIC

Pars Costruens

The Treatise of Samaelite Doctrine is a compendium of all our theoretical speculations, wanting to lead the reader through a journey among metaphysics, human and animal studies, ethic and free will.

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Although the spiritual practice of Samaelism is reserved to the members of our Order, our publications on prayers and meditation are willing to help the reader finding a new approach to their own spiritual practice.

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